June Summer Feature – M2F Brand Denims & Giveaway!

With this season’s colorful trend, we are seeing so many pieces out there that pop with bright, fun and playful hues.  And what better way to strut around in color this season than with denim of course!

M2F Brand Denims have been on my radar for a while now and their summer collection of shorts certainly has me talking! The material alone has the important “S” factors for me…soft, smooth and of course stretchy!  The Maui Mini shorts fit is amazing and hugs me in all the right places, which is huge for someone like me who doesn’t have that much junk in the trunk.  It gives the effect of a more full curvy backside that I’m looking for, while giving the all the coverage for more blessed gals.

And speaking of summer, M2F will continue offering their most popular hues for the season in their Maui Mini shorts.

As seen on the gorgeous Maria Munoz is the Maui Mini shorts in the best selling color, Coral.

Maui Mini in Yellow

Maui Mini in Aquamarine

Maui Mini in Watermelon

Maui Mini in Starflower

How fun are these colors, right? I mean, I would have each one if I could.  For more information on M2F Brand Denim, please visit their website at www.m2f.com.


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